The McNaughstys: High-Voltage Irish Punk
The McNaughstys: High-Voltage Irish Punk
The McNaughstys: High-Voltage Irish Punk

Editor’s Note: Annyette Preston is performing at Groove International’s Pink Ribbon Riot event for breast cancer awareness on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at House of Blues Sunset Strip in the Foundation Room of West Hollywood. Come support a great cause and witness not just beautiful music, but a beautiful soul!

Written By: Melissa Zamora

“The writing never stops. It’s a constant flow to feeling. I have a mobile studio that I am always singing and writing in, Oti.”

Annyette Preston is one of those magical human beings you don’t really expect to meet in Los Angeles, CA.  Her song “Lay You Down” had been on repeat in my head for days, wondering to myself what kind of person could command such a voice. Her music, a mix between Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Nat Cole, and a hint of country; radiates strength and heart, filling each melody softly and smoothly till you find yourself hitting the repeat button to get lost in her world all over again.

Annyette is a woman with soul. Not just the musical kind of soul – but a soul who knows who she is, where she is going and what kind of person she wants to convey to the world. Whether we were discussing family, charity, music, fans or the future, she spoke with passion and a fearless drive to succeed, teach and love in all aspects of her life.

Question: How long have you been singing for?

For those of you who don’t know, Annyette is hilarious. She not only expresses things through her music but with laughter and her natural knack for humor. Every time I remember her response to this question I can see the stars in her eyes and a smile from ear to ear, her facial expressions filled with such vibrant youthfulness

“Old enough for my mother to tell me to shut-up.” She then went on to recall her first gig on the back of her aunts pick up truck singing to the Dixie Chicks.

Question: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.

“I’ll do you it in 3! Sexy, crazy, cool.”

Question: Who inspires you and where do you draw passion for your music?

“There are a variety of musical influences that have inspired me throughout my life but my inspiration comes from my family members, my elders, and as of late – my younger cousins. It’s so incredible watching them grow and discover their own talents and for me, I want to teach them that no dream is too big to go after, and to give them the confidence to pursue the things they are most passionate about in life.”

Question: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

“I have a few that keep me steadfast in my journey. One is from Deuteronomy 31:6. ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.’ And while playing softball one of the teams I played on lived by these three mottos that I had really taken to heart.. And kept with me throughout my career as a student-athlete, applying them to all areas of my life; hard work and dedication, a relentless belief in yourself and your team, and APS a passion to succeed.”

Question: If I were to turn your iPod on right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recent playlist?

“Amy Winehouse, The Nat King Cole Trio, Steve Miller Band, Katchafire.”

Question: If you could open up for any artist on tour who would it be?

“Annyette smiled and you could see her reliving a moment in her mind before divulging. “No Doubt.” As she looked up at me with a grin on her face she said “When they were doing their reunion tour and Paramore opened up for them my uncle took me to that concert. It was my first concert ever. He was my best friend. We immersed ourselves in their music for a week or so before the concert. It was amazing. Unfortunately, my uncle had passed from melanoma but those moments with him live on with me forever.”

Question: Are you ever nervous to perform these days?

“I love being on stage it’s like baking a cake then getting to eat it. All the hard work you do and then the big celebration!”

If you’ve ever had a chance to watch Annyette perform live you can see there is no fear, just fun, confidence and a style all her own.

Question: Tell me about your foundation, The Bucket Club..

“Giving back has always been apart of my heart. In college I had volunteered to take notes for one of the deaf students on campus. We became friends as I continued to take notes for him and the program throughout my four year stay. On top of taking notes I spent a lot of time out in the community volunteering extra time giving back to the people that made our program (softball) a possibility. The amount of hours that I had put in helped to raise awareness, spark involvement, and get more of my peers out in the community as well. The Bucket Club is is my way to continue on the tradition, still give back , and support.”

Question: Are you excited to be performing for Groove again and what do you expect to bring/contribute to the vibe of the event this time?

“Well its not my first time with Groove, I expect to bring what I always bring, my personality, a good time and great music.”  Annyette is especially excited to be apart of The Pink Ribbon Riot event since it is being held for Breast Cancer For a Cause.

In meeting Annyette I found a very rare woman who has passion, knowledge, heart and talent beyond her years. A legend who writes and co-produces her own music, plays a mean air-horn and has the best before and after performance ritual by kissing her fathers cheek. She’s a breath of fresh and to use her own words “an encounter that changed me a little, a piece of her charm to learn and take with me.”

Question: “What is on the horizon for Annyette Preston?” 

She inhales deeply, takes a moment to look down at the table exhales and looks up with the world in her eyes and pure bliss on her face. “Greatness.”


Written by Monica Sorenson

Getting to Know Franny:

Franny Eve is an easy-going breath of fresh air with an underlying drive to succeed in balancing her passions in life. She talked with great enthusiasm about her perseverance in her studies and dreams to become a teacher, as well as her devotion to the art of go-go dancing.  Franny is easy to chat with and she offered me some great tips on fitness and healthy eating during this interview.  I hope you get a chance to meet her at one of Groove International’s upcoming events.  Franny is determined to have it all and have fun while doing it!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in entertainment, specifically, go-go dancing.

I got started in entertainment in high school when I was on dance team and developed my love for performing. Once at arelaxed black light runway shows I knew I would have the flexibility to express myself as I got to the end of the stage. Wearing a pair of fluffies with the designer bikini I was modeling, I performed an impromptu go-go dance for the crowd and with a great response from the audience.  Before I left the stage, a woman handed me her business card.  I went home and called the number and found out that she was the owner of a new San Diego club opening up and she wanted to have me as a resident dancer!  The rest is history. It was my first experience of practicing “Fake it till you make it”.

When you are performing, what motivates you to give your very best?

Of course the music is the biggest motivation, I like a lot of bass and different genres of music. The crowd however motivates me even more than that.  A room full of people that are excited and enjoying the music is contagious and helps me perform better. Eye contact and smiles from the audience are super important! I want to know that people enjoy my performance.

How important is your appearance in your profession?

Appearance is important because you want people to enjoy watching you.  That being said, energy and passion is even more important. I sometimes see go-go dancers who don’t necessarily have a great physique but they have tons of energy and they love what they do. These are my favorite entertainers.

What do you do to enhance your appearance and fitness level?

I practice yoga every day.  If I cannot do it for a full 30-50 minutes, I always get at least 10 minutes in.  I also experiment with different types of yoga to learn new ways to stretch and move my body.  I drink fruit/vegetable smoothies as often as I can. I make sure that they contain some type of vegetable (usually spinach or kale) and some type of fat-burner/skin-toner such as aloe vera juice or coconut oil. These smoothies give me a deeper appreciation for life because they fill me with lasting energy and endurance.

Tell us more about the impact of exercise and healthy eating in helping you succeed?

Fitness and a healthy diet are two keys to my success because when I feel my best, I perform my best. Meditation is also a major game changer.  I meditate whenever possible in the day and every night before I sleep. This practice keeps me positive and helps me manifest what I want into my life.

What is the best part about professional dancing?

The best part about professional dancing is that my job does not feel like work, it is play.  And who wouldn’t want to get paid to play?

What do you find to be the most challenging about your job?

This can be a challenging job because go-go dancing is such a competitive job scene and not all employers treat dancers with respect.  It brings me great joy to dance with Groove International because this is a company that honors the dancers’ needs and the quality of talent we bring to the performance.

I understand that you are planning to teach as well as continuing to dance. How will you balance your two passions?

I am in school right now to complete my teaching credential.  My degree is in English Education. My long term goal is to either create or join an alternative school that incorporates not only regular school subjects, but gives students important tools to use in everyday life that will help them achieve their dreams.  I am always finding innovative ways to reach students in new ways and make learning interesting for them.  For now, I plan to complete my teaching classes and then take some time off before student teaching to perform as much as possible because right now, this is what makes my heart smile the most.

What advice would you give to other young women who are interested in this field?

I would say always see your body as a work in progress.  I always do. I am by no means perfect, but I can continue to set goals and continue reaching higher. For aspiring dancers, never stop dancing. Always take different types of dance classes and learn to dance to every kind of genre there is.  Don’t be afraid to go to auditions because if there’s a chance you won’t get it, there is also a chance that you will. Never be afraid to shine.  Positive thinking goes a long way! It took me three tries before I got into my high school dance team and I am so happy that I never gave up.

What are your aspirations for the future?  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

​My biggest dream as far as gogo dancing goes had been to dance for Ultra Miami Music Festivals and to dance internationally.  During Spring Break, I accomplished my goal of becoming an Ultra Angel and travelled to Miami to perform on some of the biggest stages.  This was one of the best experiences of my life. Yesterday I just got a modeling agent and this year I plan to get an acting agent.  In ten years, I will have accomplished all of these goals and I will also be teaching kids and adults alike to love themselves and become successful in whatever they choose to do because that is what life is for!



Groove International is proud to announce that we are officially bringing our fun-filled “Sunday Funday Bash” to the Main Stage House of Blues San Diego! This 18 & Over event will have everything from live bands, DJs, beach balls, inflatable zebras, drinking, dancing, and plenty more! Because lets face it.. Sunday is still a part of the weekend. Let’s get weird!

Our first San Diego “Sunday Funday Bash” will be on Sunday, January 11th, 2015. Get your tickets early!

For bands and DJs looking to perform in our events, contact us here!
If you would like to model or dance at our events, contact us here!


It’s that time of year in sunny-California again! The leaves are turning brown, the temperature is still at 70 degrees, and every coffee shop and shopping mall is blasting Christmas music like it’s already mid-December. And it is with that said, that we are happy to announce that we have officially begun scheduling our Winter Wonderland theme parties for 2014!

We will be hosting our highly-popular holiday bashes at various House of Blues locations throughout Southern California. We will have live-bands, DJs, sexy-santas, fake snow (considering there won’t be real snow within 100 miles from here), presents, and everything else that makes the holiday season festive!

We currently have events scheduled at House of Blues Foundation Room and the Main Stage of House of Blues Sunset Strip. We will be announcing an event date for San Diego soon as well!

For bands and DJs looking to perform in our events, contact us here!
If you would like to model or dance at our events, contact us here!


Groove International takes great pride in hosting our interactive concert-themed parties, and we make it a point to work with only the best nightclubs and concert venues in Southern California. 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for the company, and we are humbled to announce that Groove International will officially begin hosting events at the Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood as of January!

Our first event will take place on the glorious “Bardot” rooftop of the club on Friday, January 23rd, 2015. Groove International will be arriving at the club in full force with live-bands, DJs, go go dancers, beach balls, masks, and everything else that makes us.. Us. Brace yourselves for a wild night filled with dancing, drinking, laughing and whatever else happens under the moonlight of Hollywood proper.

BANDS/ DJs: If you want to perform in this event, fill out our Online Musician Application.
MODELS: If you would like to model or dance for this event, contact our Modeling Department.

Please Note: Like all new locations with Groove International, we are expecting to have a full house. Advance tickets will be available in November. We highly suggest people purchase their tickets early.

Editor’s Note: Groove International conducts professional photo-shoots for all of our event flyers. Here are some candid and professional shots from our “Captain America” shoot with Jennifer Lang.

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