Up & Coming: Thrice Authentic

Thrice Authentic is a PHENOMENAL Hip-Hop artist rising out of the San Diego area. Just when you thought lyrical complexity and delivery was missing from the scene, this artist makes up for everything us true Hip-Hop lovers have been longing to hear for years. See Thrice Authentic perform on Friday, October 7th, 2016 at The Music Box in Downtown San Diego!

Born and bred in San Diego California, Thrice Authentic is an up and coming MC with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what can be done lyrically. Experimenting with vernacular and word play almost to an obsession, his goal is to do things that have never been done, say things that have never been said, while also representing himself, artistry, family, and community in every bar.

That obsession was fostered as a young teen listening to legends like Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Method Man, and Ludacris among others. That influence progressed into freestyling, which grew into a love for writing and those influences shine through today. He’s been a part of the Groove International family for more than a year now and we’re looking to grow that relationship into big things for the future!

Website: www.AuthenticThrice.com