Up & Coming: SubSound

Editor’s Note: SubSound is performing at Avalon Hollywood’s Bardot on Friday, October 14th, 2016! Jake’s project is FULL of positive energy and we encourage everyone to come see!

SubSound is the most recent project I (Jake Stevenson) have been able to put together with co-founder Kenny Filarski. We are the furthest thing from trained musicians, but we focus on assembling music that has meaning backed with feeling and hopefully sounds groovy! When performing we try to create a space where viewers are able to experience a wide spectrum of emotions.

The band is pieced together with transplants from all over. I am from Hershey Pa; other members are from Providence, RI; Phoenix, AZ.  We are all currently recording a new cd out of Agoura Borealis Recording built by the Legendary Glen Campbell in Agoura Hills. I am really excited about this one and its much different than anything I have available on ITunes or Spotify with previous bands (Jesse and the JakeMan, or my solo work as Jake Stevenson)

Music is my obsession plain and simple. It is why, and who I am. I just remember being at concerts and seeing Musicians making so many people happy, by doing nothing more than playing guitar or singing a song. At some point I knew that is what I have to do.

I will always find it awesome relating to music or that line in a song you swear was wrote just for you. If I could make someone else feel that way… well I don’t know how much happier I could be.

I always have a hard time when someone asks what music type of music do you play or who do you sound like? It is hard for me to throw a label on something when it has so many different components,   I am personally interested in music of any genre, if sounds good and is authentic. I really dig old school funk, Jazz, Old and new Hip/Hop and R&B, and I also really enjoy the Singer/ Songwriter Stuff