Up & Coming: Elevensworth

Elevensworth’s live show is one of extreme excitement and pure energy! Every song is performed with an intensity like no other band out there! You can catch them performing live at The Sound the Groove Masquerade bash onĀ Thursday, September 29th, 2016 at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach!

Elevensworth started as the brainchild of Chris Leyba and Patrick Leyba. Chris Leyba is the Guitarist/Lead vocalist and is the primary song writer. Patrick Leyba is the drummer who is heavily influenced by Steven Adler and Dave Grohl, just to name a few. Adolfo Perez is the bass player who has been with the band since 2011. Adolfo and Chris have played in bands in their youth and came together as the Elevensworth bassist. Adolfo also writes some songs as well. Jon Franco has recently joined the band as a 2nd guitarist and back up vocalist. (Jon has been a childhood friend of Chris and Patrick Leyba). The latest addition to the band is Lalo Resendez. He is the keyboardist for the band and adds tremendous depth and character to the music.

The band’s upcoming full length album entitled “These hearts aren’t built for breaking” (out this fall) is a culmination of old and new. Featuring old classics such as “Down casted.” With new gems such as “Walk across the ocean” and “Continue.” A roller coaster ride of rock and emotion!