Tin Roof San Diego Backline Specs

* We have a Yamaha 5 piece Birch Stage Custom drum kit, Drummer needs, Snare, CLUTCH for HiHat, Cymbals, felts, and wing nuts. (Optional: kick pedal, throne, etc.)
* We also have a combo Bass rig. 1×15” cab, and 4×10” cab, with an Ampeg head.
* We have mics, if artists wish to bring their own, they must be Shure, Sm-58 quality or better.
* We have mics for drums, using a mic on Kick, Fl.Tom, rack tom, and snare, very bright stage, I am able to get the hit and cymbals in those 4 mics, and it is more than enough.
* We carry XLR cables, prefer artists bring their instrument cables, as we have a couple 1/4” cables, but always best if artists bring these cables.
* Plenty of stands, boom and straight, and gtr cab stands (please note: If artist is bringing a wireless mic, they need to bring the corresponding mic clip fo it as well.)
* We have 3 D/I boxes

If artist is bringing tracks, or any device that needs to go into the mix, they need the proper cable(XLR or 1/4” to the house) to do so, as we do not carry patch cabling, nor do we have another way to input cables, unless going direct(XLR) or via D/I boxes(1/4”)

Our PA system, is state of art, and has been tuned to the room, we also have a state of art DSP system, that delivers mix to 15 other speakers throughout the house

We DO NOT have:
Guitar/Keyboard amps
Wireless Mics
Instruments of any kind(other than drum kit)
Exotic cabling (anything other than 1/4”(few) or XLR)
Sampling/playback devices, or Computers for backing tracks etc.
In Ear monitors

What we need from Artist:
Current StagePlot
Aforementioned equipment above