Written By: Chelbi Olsen – Groove International’s Assistant Operations Manager

The Suicide Doors – Inside Scoop

The Suicide Doors are a DJ/Producer combination made of up DJ Roueche and DaCapo. I asked them both to to answer some questions that would not only shed some light into who they are as a group but individually. What their goals are, their motivations, their journey, and what we can expect from them in the future. This month we are happy to announce that Groove International will be holding their upcoming CD Release! They will be playing at our Masquerade Bash on June 26th at the Avalon’s Bardot in Hollywood! This date is exceptionally special as both their birthdays are this month and it is on DeCapo’s actual birthday.

DaCapo added that he is, “ reversing in age getting younger by the day. You know…The Benjamin Button/young Will Smith type.” So, naturally, everyone should come check out this fabulously aging man and his partner DJ Roueche .

How would you describe The Suicide Doors?

DJ Roueche describes The Suicide doors and an experience, “ Whether we have shows that are with our Conga Drummer and Saxophone player or a straight DJ set, we’re performing, not just hiding behind the DJ gear.  Our original music, remixes and shows all have an energy to them that sets us apart from most DJ/Producers.”

DaCapo also noted that, “Engaging with our supporters is everything. We want to make sure that every single person after seeing a Suicide Doors show says ‘wow…that was pretty freakin’ awesome…and just DIFFERENT.’ They gotta get their money’s worth & that’s why we pride ourselves on doing everything LIVE.”

What are your goals as DJ’s and producers?

“As The Suicide Doors, our goal is to have us traveling the world playing DJ sets with our own originally produced music while getting into studios with artists and making amazing music for people to dance to.” (DJ Roueche)

“We don’t want to just ‘blend in’ the scene. As we progress in our art we want to establish our own scene; our own sound. This is an opportunity to leave our fingerprint on a music industry that is more receptive to change than ever.” (DaCapo)

Who have been your motivations or influences to creating music that not only moves you, but your audience?

“For me, my biggest influences have been Diplo, A-Trak, Timbaland and The Neptunes/Pharrell.  Especially A-Trak.  A-Trak is the true definition of a DJ/Producer.  He won the DMC Championship (Turntable battle) at the age of 15 and now tours the world showing everyone you can actually DJ live and still put on an amazing show with your own produced music.” (DJ Roueche)

“Hmm…my biggest influences are Quincy Jones, Kanye West, Dr Luke, like 3 of DJR’s picks, and DJ AM on the decks. I’m really big on being able to be versatile and still killing it in different genres and all these guys do that to perfection.” (DaCapo)

How long have you two been interested in DJ’ing and producing music?

I’ve been DJing since I was 17 and I’ve always been interested in producing music.  I just never knew how to get started.  DaCapo and I used to put a mixtape out together every year starting in 2009 and after we dropped a mixtape in the summer of 2011, we decided 2012 would be the year we release an EP of our own music.  Luckily DaCapo had already started getting into producing and I made some friends who knew how to produce and they all helped me get started.  Producing feels like the next natural step from DJing for me.” (DJ Roueche)

“I started DJing my senior year in high school. Got hurt playing sports, so I needed something else to splurge my time into. I remember my first set of decks were these crappy plastic Numark belt-drive turntables that I got off of eBay for like $150. It was one of those just add water DJ starter kits. I only had 5 vinyl records at the time. So The Prince Revolution and the Star Wars Soundtrack saw the most action. If I was really feeling brave I would throw in The Fat Boys from time to time. My 20 minute old school set game was strong! haha I was always interested in producing when I started djing, but I sucked at the time and I knew it so I stuck to just DJing. One of the most important things about music is knowing what’s not hot. haha. I fully picked up producing in 2012 full force and here we are now.” (DaCapo)

Why did you two decide to start playing together in 2008? What were you drawn to about one another?

DaCapo contacted me in 2008. I have my own DJ company and he was looking for some new gigs.  We chatted and hit it off right away.  I knew early on we had the same mindset about DJing and the music business.  Working with DaCapo is seamless for me as we are both always on the same page when it comes to where we want to take The Suicide Doors.” (DJ Roueche)

“DJ Roueche is my brother from another mother. It’s kinda scary sometimes how we are almost always on the same page. Dj Roueche’s professionalism is what drew me initially and it’s just very difficult finding someone who is a straight-shooter. No BS. and that’s why we get along so well. and by no fault of his own….the ladies love Roueche. It makes me look better too. LL Roueche is what i’m going to start calling him now. haha.” (DaCapo)

In 2012, you two went from playing with one another to The Suicide Doors. What were your goals in creating this collective?

“Calling ourselves The Suicide Doors was to brand ourselves as something different than the DJ names everyone had known us as individuals up to that point.  I wanted to produce music under The Suicide Doors name and with the DJ/Producer world the way it is now, with these big name DJs traveling the world playing their own music, we decided since we already know how to DJ, let’s also perform as The Suicide Doors but make sure it’s a different sound than what people were used to hearing from us as individual DJs.” (DJ Roueche)

What is it about The Suicide Doors that set you apart from other DJ’s?

“We always mix, scratch and beat match live when we perform.  Not all DJs do that these days.  We can also perform with a Conga Drummer and Saxophonist which always makes for a really cool performance.” (DJ Roueche)

“Like I mentioned a bit earlier, crowd engagement is everything. We like to be one with the folks we party with. You might see me singing some of our lyrics live in the crowd or see DJ Roueche playing the tambourine standing on top of the bar. You name it, and it’s fair game. Nothing’s safe!!! mu-hahaaa.” (DaCapo)

What do you hope to bring to your audience with your upcoming CD release?

“Our first EP was in 2012 and even though we’ve released some remixes, bootlegs and produced a few songs for some singer/songwriters, I hope this EP shows our growth as Producers and gives people an idea of where our music is headed.” (DJ Roueche)

“We want to bring a good time. We want to take our audience on a ride. Different tempos. Different arrangements and compositions. Just a different take on EDM. Even if you’ve never listened to Electronic Dance Music a day in your life, we want that person to appreciate just plain good music.” (DaCapo)

How has your experience been working with Groove International? What do you like about working with us over other promoters?

Working with Groove International has been great.  What I like the most is how professional everyone is and we all want the same thing, to give everyone who comes to a Groove International event, an amazing experience.” (DJ Roueche)

“The folks at Groove International have been really good to us. Straight up and fair and I agree with DJ Rouche. Professionalism is big for me. I’m also all about positive energy and these guys have it locked.” (DaCapo)

Is there anything you would like to add?

“Yes, we wanted to take this time to simply thank our supporters that continue to ride with us in everything that we do. All of the rehearsals, sleepless nights in the studio, everything, is all to give our folks the best that they deserve. So THANK YOU! You inspire us.” (DaCapo)