Editor’s Note: PAUSER is a PHENOMENAL entertainer from the greater San Diego area. He is an artist who has the ability to take any crowd and take them from having a good time, to having a Vegas-style riot within minutes. We are proud to be working with him, and look forward to getting him in front of as many people as possible!

Meet Sam Pauser, aka DJ Pauser, Man of our DJ dreams.
Written by: Hailey Stewart/ Instagram: @hippie.hailz

Not many of us can say we have the talent to get the whole crowd vibing to good energy, but this up and coming DJ, Sam Pauser (aka DJ Pauser) has enough energy to get the crowd jumping so much, the second floor of a house has sunken through. Being a mix of a little bit of everything, this versatile yet eclectic style Pauser emanates has the crowd entranced into a “party hard” state of mind till the club shuts down. (Everything you’ve ever wanted in a DJ right?) Pauser started out as a DJ in the more underground party scene, becoming the heartthrob of many young adults. But after seeing his sets now at countless events, from House of Blues in Anaheim and San Diego to Bassmnt and Sidebar in San Diego, I sat down with Pauser to really see the story behind this underground gem of a party starter.

What made you want to start DJ-ing?

When I was in 8th grade, my brother gave me my first techno mix tape. It had twelve tracks on it and I listened to it for months straight over and over on the bus in middle school.  After that I went to high school and then, I don’t know, but one thing led to another and more electronic music like dubstep and trap started to come out. I remember the first time I heard dubstep I was a sophomore, about 16 years old, in the backseat of my friends car with his subs and I was saying ‘oh my gosh this is pretty frickin awesome.’ I started going to concerts and raves, and I remember I just thought, why couldn’t I do something like this? So I tried it out, and now I’ve been producing for two years and DJing for one year.

Would you say you have a specific style?

That’s always been a conflicting factor for me. I’ve always jumped all around the scene, going from jump style to twerk style to dubstep to headbangers stuff, like all over the map. And still, to this day, I haven’t really picked a specific genre that defines me.  I would say my biggest, and personal favorite that I just love to do is headbangers. I love when the crowd goes nuts and I love when they rage. So I mostly just read the crowd, it depends on the mood, depends on the scene, and how the crowd reacts to what I’m doing and then I react to what they’re doing.

Who are your greatest influences?

There is one specific artist that is my greatest influence. My friend showed me Bassnectar the first couple of weeks I started listening to dubstep and that’s when shit just hit the fan. Right as I heard his music I couldn’t stop grooving to it. He’s the biggest EDM underground artist that’s all about the headbanging genre too so he’s my absolute biggest influence and I’m his absolute biggest fan.

Seeing as you’re most known for your energy being off the wall awesome and infectious, I have to ask: where do you get all of that performance energy?

Haha I don’t know actually, I guess I put a smile on and try and make people happy. It’s better to give more than receive and I feel like I want to give everybody the best time of their lives every single time I DJ. I want to give them the most memorable night like ‘Oh my gosh that was amazing, I went out with my friends, we were sober, we were drinking, whatever, we all just went out and had the best night ever.’

What’s happening in terms of labels? How’s the business aspect going?

The business aspect right now, I’m still in the process of discovering my specific style of music. And when I’m 100% confident that this is my music, this is where I’m going with it, this is what I want to do, and then I will become part of a label. I’ve been offered a couple times from a couple different record companies, some small time some a little bigger, but my primary focus is to become a part of Mad Decent, owned by Thomas Wesley Pentz (Diplo), that’s my ultimate label record I want to be a part of.

How’s working with Groove International? Has it been a good experience?

In one word I would say it is: awesome. Honestly working with my manager, Jonathan Avila, has brought me out of my shell every time they book me for a gig. I have been pushed so much more in every show they’ve booked me in. It’s been a great growing experience for me, and honestly so awesome.

Does the idea of your discovery excite or scare you?

Of course I’m excited! I’m always excited about music but sometimes you can let it get to your head and it can really start to freak you out. And one of my good friends had to sit me down and tell me to calm down. And as soon as I did that, I took a step back, found what I was doing wrong and started doing it right. It’s my passion and whether I make it and go big or not, I don’t really care because I’m going to still DJ anyways.

Okay, finally, out of all your experience preforming, what was your craziest night DJing?

Haha well, I was DJing at this guy’s house party and he was super cool and the party was packed. And basically what happened was, I was playing on the second story and the crowd was jumping so much the second story floor started sinking, like the floorboards were breaking. I was so afraid my DJ set up was going to fall through, but the owner was cool with the floor breaking, so that was pretty insane.

Pauser, a San Diego Native, truly brings a different feel to not only the DJ scene but also the electronic genre itself by always staying true to his underground roots and ever changing style. We highly encourage you to check Pauser out on his soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pauserofficial; but if you want to experience one of your most memorable nights and Pauser’s infectious high energy for yourself, you can check Pauser out at his upcoming shows:

House of Blues Anaheim on March 10th & Sidebar in San Diego on March 25th

Also check him out on: Instagram &Twitter : @pauserofficial and Snapchat: @sam_pow

Written by: Hailey Stewart