On The Rise: STORM

Editor’s Note: STORM’s performance is PACKED with energy and bound to get any crowd hyped beyond prepare. Storm will be performing in Groove Internationa’s Night Before NYE event, RISE N GRIND at F6IX NIGHTCLUB in Downtown San Diego on Friday, December 30th, 2016! (21 & Over Event)

Storm Boyer “STORM” is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Ohio. STORM has been a songwriter since he was 8 years old. His musical roots grew out from the 90s and have shaped everything that is STORM. After graduating from Ohio University in 2011, he packed his bags and moved to LA to pursue his music dreams.

The young artist represents creativity and has a fresh approach to hip-hop expression. His music has really grown in just the past couple of years and his following is gaining ground quickly.

STORM has performed and many different venues, and has also had the honor of opening for Dru Hill. STORM has a large catalogue of songs online including his latest project titled “Work Ethic”, a 17-track mixtape exhibiting his flow, lyrics and hard work that he has been putting into his game. The project took 4 months to complete, but he was very proud of the overall outcome. The mixtape was produced by Afterlife, a popular producer who is a part of Storm’s rap group. Several of the songs also include features from a variety of up and coming artists such as Baby-T, Rich Rogers, Chris the Don, and Justine Jelaine.  Storm has worked with all of these artists in the past and each musician was happy to play a role in the successful project. “My favorite track on the mixtape is ‘Too Much’. It completely sums up the entire album and helps to give me the fuel I need some days when I feel like I’m at my lowest,” Storm Boyer said.

“Work Ethic” means a lot to Storm, who has really come a long way since first beginning to rap and his relentless willpower to succeed is a standard that other young artists should follow. “I hope they will get a better understanding of hard work and determination. You can attain anything if you want it bad enough and strive for it every day,” Storm Boyer told our team. The talented hip-hop artist hopes the new project will give him more exposure and help to build his fan base as he looks to advance his career.

One of Storm’s goals is to share his music with anyone and everyone. His music has no boundaries and the potential to connect with every listener it reaches. Not only is Storm an artist, but he’s also been producing more of his music lately. His fusion of beats, sounds, and instruments is sure to make you feel good and want to dance.

Storm’s silly and energetic personality gives his music an extra boost of fun. Some of his musical inspirations include B.O.B., Big Sean, and Tyga.

Be sure to check out Storm’s website www.akastorm.com and his music at soundcloud.com/stormakastorm. Get ready for a good time.