On The Rise SD: Travaughn

Travaughn is performing at F6ix Nightclub in Downtown San Diego on Friday, September 29th, 2017!

Travaughn is an American rapper residing in Menifee, CA. Originally born in Houston, TX, this artistically gifted young man learned early that within music was a rhythm of life that transcended any and every type of barrier or label grafted onto it. With the initial support of friends and family, Travaughn set out on a journey to manifest meaningful project that reflected his thoughts coexisting in life as a being, in reality, crafted through experience and a love for the art of music. Early influences began from the hip-hop, rap, and R&B genres including such acts as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ludacris, and TLC. They allowed him to diversify his style based on a variety of brands and different sounds including rock with acts such as Linkin Park and Evanescence to soul and funk genres with acts such as The Temptations and Isley Brothers.

Travaughn takes a broad selection of music and conforms it to his style of expression with the help of art of rhythm and poetry. Travaughn touches on many different variables on his recent project “Welcome to Infinity,” gaining popularity slowly due to a resonance that humanity is vibing to, with the major points addressing having a love for yourself and others while refraining on placing judgment on others. We are all put on earth for a reason and it feels like the conglomerate of humanity is waking up to that now, continuous facilitation of care and generosity in ourselves and the world around us can spark a new movement in music for generations to come.