On The Rise NYC: The Mungmen

The Mungmen are performing in Groove International’s Sound The Groove bash at DROM NYC on Thursday, April 5th, 2018! Check The Mungmen out online and come see them in April!

The Mungmen: characterized by driving, heavy rhythms punctuated with sultry melodies hearkening back to crooners of yesteryear. These guys are dying for you to hear their new EP Green Ships. If you dig their singles “Superhero” and “No Gas” then you’ll be enticed and surprised by this release.

The Mungmen were formed from the runoff of all of New York. This four-piece outfit delivers high-energy rock n’ roll sermons to the masses from their headquarters: a compounded rehearsal room in the heart of Bushwick.

These guys got snowed-in at a warehouse studio, they are enemies of the sécurité incendie de Montréal and they’re already unwelcome frequents of your favorite dive bar. You can hear the six smoldering tracks recorded at Free Lunch Audio in Clark Mills NY via Green Ships, available in Spring 2018 with the release party at DROM NYC on April 5.

“Flushing with vigorous riffage and infused with punk rock urgency” – Idioteq