leviniaEditor’s Note: Levinia will be performing in Groove International’s Hard Rock & Metal night at House of Blues San Diego’s Voodoo Room on Friday, November 30th, 2018. Be sure to check them out!

Levinia was founded in 2015 by former Aerius band-mates, John Pinon and Dylan Suierveld. After Aerius’ mutual disbandment, Pinon and Suierveld decided to take a break from the Los Angeles Power Metal scene, and start a new melodic metal project named, Lavinium.

After recording the instrumental tracks to their demo EP, the guitarist and drummer decided that they needed to bring on a lead vocalist. After a few promising but disappointing attempts, they finally decided to bring on former FifthLaw vocalist and solo artist, Court Melissa, to fill the spot. After Court finished writing the vocal melodies and lyrics for the demo, the trio immediately went into the studio to complete recording of their demo EP, Alluring Fear. After the successful release of their demo EP in January of 2018, the band brought on Guttural Riot guitarist, Casey Artus, to be their bass player. Finally, Levinia was complete.

The band immediately began writing and planning for their official debut EP release. They decided to record and work with known LA producer, Charles Kallaghan Massabo. After the recording and writing process was done, the band’s sound had changed so drastically, they decided to change the name from Lavinium to Levinia, to match the sound of their official release. The band is beginning to realize that they are on the cusp of creating a revolutionary hybrid genre of music, one that hasn’t been heard before. They decided to use heavy and groovy sounding guitar riffs normally found in Metalcore and Modern Metal. That style of guitar playing infused with classical vocals and choirs, helped Levinia create such a unique sound which has never been heard in the European and American Metal Scene. With Massabo’s guidance and advice the band was introduced into the American Metal scene in a comforting and successful way.

However, since Levinia is constantly looking towards improvement, especially within an insane metal scene, the band made a unanimous decision to travel to Holland, and work with their new producer, Joost Van Den Broek. The band is hoping with Joost’s help, they will be able to open doors within the European Metal scene. A scene which all of the members in Levinia enjoy immensely! The band is looking forward to playing many local shows with their friends located within Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Orange County! The band has found success by being played on many online radio stations, and on Dallas Hard-Rock/Metal station, Krave Rock Radio. With so many opportunities arising for Levinia, we’re looking forward to reintroducing heavy music into the mainstream music world!

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