Knitting Factory Backline Information

Stage Dimensions:

17’ (feet) deep from back wall to center most point x 24’ (feet) wide, 9’ (feet) stage floor to ceiling.

Main speakers:

4) Meyer Sound UPA-2P
2) Meyer Sound UPJ-1P
2) Meyer Sound USW-1P (Subs)
2) EAW LA400 (Subs)
2) EAW JFX60 (Front Fill)

Main console:

Digidesign Venue SC48 digital console (37 channel ins)

Main Outboard:

1) Klark-Teknik DN-360
1) True Systems 2-channel mic pre
2) T.C. electronic M-One
1) T.C. electronic D-Two
1) Lexicon PCM-90

Monitor speakers:

1) Meyer Sound UM-1C
2) Meyer Sound UM-1P
1) Meyer Sound USM-1

Monitor Amplifiers:

3) Crown Macrotech 1200
1) Crown Macrotech 2400



We carry numerous venue standards from Shure, Audix, and Sennheiser. We also have a number of passive and active direct boxes. Please specify if you are bringing your own mic(s) for use. *Note: We do not carry wireless microphones or monitor systems, these need to be rented in advance.

Drums: PdP by DW 5pc kit. 1 each – 8×10 rack tom, 9×12 rack tom, 12 x 14 floor tom, 14×16 floor tom, 18×22 bass drum.

Though we have it in house, drummers are encouraged to bring own hardware and snare. We do not have house cymbals and cannot guarantee a clutch or felts.

Bass: Hartke 3500 bass amp, 4×10 Hartke XL Series cabinet.

Guitar: 1 silver faced Fender Twin Reverb reissue. 1 Marshall 4×12 Green Back cabinet (4-16ohm) with Marshall MG 100FX head.

House DJ gear:

4) Technics 1200 – DJs need own slipmats, headphones & needles
2) Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus
1) DJM-900 mixer

Hog 1000 Lighting Console

2) Source 4 750 50
2) Source 4 750 36
2) Martin Atomic 3000 watt strobe fixtures
4) Vari-Lite 2500 Spot Moving Head Fixtures
6) Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 LED
12) Source 4jr 25/50
20) COLORado1