Backline at The Delancey


Guitar Amps & Cabinets:
(2) Peavey Valve King VK100 Head 100 Watts All Tube
(2) Peavey 5150 4×12″ Guitar Cab (16 Ohm)

Bass Rig:
Ampeg SVT Pro 3 Bass Head
Ampeg HLF 4×10 Cabinet

Drummers must bring their own snare drum, kick pedal and cymbals

DW PDP 24″ Kick drum, 12″ rack tom and a 16″ floor tom / red sparkle finish
2 Cymbal Stands
1 Snare Stand
1 Gibraltar hi-hat stand
1 Gibraltar Drum Throne

Microphones & Direct Ins:
6 Shure SM58 mic
(4) DI Boxes

Misc Hardware:
1 Keyboard Stand

Mixing Boards:
Behringer X32 Producer
Able to provide up to 4 Separate Monitor Mixes

Basement PA:
(2) U15 Full Range Yorkville Speakers
(2) 1004 2×18 Yorkville Subwoofers
Powered by QSC, Crown and Crest

Basement Stage Monitors:
(4) Active Mackie Thump 12

DJ Equipment:
***DJs Must Bring their own Serato Box, Control Vinyl, Control CDs, Slipmats, Cartridges and Shells***

(4) Technics SL1200 turntables
(2) Pioneer CDJ 1000MK
(2) Pioneer CDJ 2000
(2) Pioneer DJM-900 Mixer

1 Projector – HDMI, USB, VGA, Svideo or Composite (RCA) inputs
1 DVD player
1 cable box
1 mid-size screen