Artists on The Rise: A Certain Energy (San Diego)


A Certain Energy is performing in Groove International’s Summertime Bash at Hard Rock Hotel on July 27th in Downtown San Diego! 

As his career begins to unfold, A Certain Energy doesn’t show remorse when it comes to becoming a leader in the Hip Hop industry. With his song Know That becoming his foot print there is fuel ready to burn for the young artist.

Born Shain Richard Romanowski in Guam, A Certain Energy initiated his efforts to hip hop amateur his Freshman year of high school attending North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As the years gone by A Certain Energy continued on and off within the industry and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. In late 2016 while being stationed in Okinawa, Japan he decided to take his career within the industry seriously after a demo song entitled “Slaughterfest” hit the streets. As it created a small buzz it led to him meeting with United Kingdom’s spooky producer LX Xander who is credited for producing for artists such as Future, Hopsin, Snoop Dogg and much more. This led into the debut of his first project Work in Progess – EP featuring artists such asHighrise, T. Reeves and another Fort Wayne native in Trell260.

To start off 2018, Energy released Novocaine March 2nd that gave a strong start. Not to mention securing a placement on a track with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes thanks to Red Label Records Founder D. LYNCH. On the other end, Energy has secured a collaboration with Mickey Factz and Brooklyn native Kota the Friend on separate tracks. 2018 seems to have a bright come about for the young hip hop newcomer.